Warm it Up: Sock Patrol

Join the Sock Patrol!

I’m the founder of Warm it Up: Sock Patrol. We provide clean, new socks and other items that provide warmth to homeless and vulnerable citizens in the Greater Toronto Area.

We plan on holding one communal giving event per month, and encourage you to join us, and help people in your own community.


Our Event is tomorrow! Please sign up here! Email richard@richard-todd.com for more details!

How a Simple Cup of Coffee Turned into…

warm it up

…a Worldwide Event!

It started as a simple idea in 2013.

I was going to buy 10 coffees and give them out to the people in need. It had been a particularly harsh winter, and this was my way of sharing a little warmth with those on the margins.

But what started out as a simple gesture turned out to be a far-reaching event.

Many of my Facebook friends started getting involved, coming up with unique ideas and creative ways they could help in their own communities.

They shared the idea with their friends, who also signed up to participate.

In the end, over 250 people from around the world joined me on December 18th, handing out gifts of warmth to those in need.

Instead of coffee (or coffee cards), many people personally gave out scarves, socks, coats, blankets, and meals to people they never even met.

In some cases, participants brought gifts to people to heal old wounds. Others gave to organized causes, such as clothing trees for women’s shelters. And many, like myself, simply took to the streets.

An estimated 1,300 people were helped that day, all because of that simple idea, which we called “Warm it Up!”

This year, I’d like to ask you to help out again. All you need to do is give.

I don’t mean write a cheque from your armchair or give an online donation from your computer. I mean really get out there to see the people you’re helping.

Believe me, it’ll bring you as much joy to help a stranger as it is for them to receive.

On December 17th, 2014, please buy 10 coffee cards (or another item of your choice) and join us in bringing warmth to everyone around us.

Please click here, participate, and share this event worldwide! Or email me at richard@richard-todd.com for more details.



Richard Todd,Editor's Desk,About Us,About The Editor's DeskRichard S. Todd is President at The Editor’s Desk, providing professional business copywriting services, as well as comprehensive manuscript editing and proofreading.


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