Love Your Corporate Copywriting Job

So you want to be a corporate copywriter. Why not? Who wouldn’t want to get paid to do something they love?

Well, you might not love it so much if you don’t believe in what you’re writing.

What do you do if you’re a staunch environmentalist and an oil company wants to hire you? Or you’re a strict vegetarian that can make big money writing for a big fast-food burger chain?

As writers, do we really want to sell our souls just to make money?

The good news is that we don’t have to!

By strategically using such online resources as LinkedIn or Twitter, it’s easy to connect to the companies we love.

The environmentalist can offer to write donor pleas for not-for profit environmental foundations or white papers for green energy companies.

And the vegetarian? How about contacting that local nutritionist to help them with their website or newsletters?

With small, independent companies sprouting up all the time, there’s lots of room for all of us to find that dream writing gig. Or two.

Just plug into whatever it is you love. Even if that something is money.

See you out there!

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If you’re a writer, write. And if you’re a reader, keep reading. We need you!

Richard Todd is an author, blogger, and Social Media guy. Plus a few other things that get lost in the clutter. Visit him online at


Author: Richard S. Todd

Pro copywriter. Expressive voice artist. Award-winning public speaker.

3 thoughts on “Love Your Corporate Copywriting Job”

    1. Hi LJ! It can be difficult, although you certainly have more freedom in fiction that whatever directive you get from the corporate boardroom.
      This makes it all the more important to write for companies that are a good fit for your writing style.

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