eBooks Today. Hard Copies Tomorrow.

I read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail the other day. It’s about that classic literary triumvirate: the writer, the reader, and the publisher.

It wasn’t too long ago that these three entities relied on each other for success. Take one away and the whole house of cards that is the publishing industry crashes to the floor.

But not anymore. One of these players is increasingly finding itself pushed out of the equation. As more writers are self-publishing through eBooks and interacting directly with the reading public, the publisher is finding itself less and less crucial to the equation.

Many of us were forced to self-publish because we couldn’t attract the golden ring that is a publishing contract. But more and more authors are volunteering to self-publish and circumvent that painstaking and possibly disappointing route of finding a traditional publisher, opting instead to just go ahead and do it themselves.

Although the author’s success as described in the article might not be typical, it still strengthened my resolve to go eBook first with my upcoming novel The Orphans of the Creek, aggressively promote it using Social Media marketing, and invest the proceeds into a limited print run. I can then arrange for in-store and book fair appearances, just like I did with Raincloud.

I’ll be sure to blog about my progress and share my successes and failures with you. Hopefully you can benefit from whatever happens to me.

But for now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish the book first.

See you out there!

If you’re a writer, write. And if you’re a reader, keep reading. We need you!

Richard Todd is an author, blogger, and Social Media guy. Plus a few other things that get lost in the clutter. Visit him online at www.richard-todd.com.


Author: Richard S. Todd

Pro copywriter. Expressive voice artist. Award-winning public speaker.

3 thoughts on “eBooks Today. Hard Copies Tomorrow.”

    1. Then I’m glad you’re following this blog. I’m going to document the entire process once I’m ready to go. Hopefully you’ll tune in and avoid some of the mistakes I’m likely to make!
      Have a great weekend!

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