Publishing in the Age of Independence: Part 2 – Traditional Publishing

As I’m nearing the end of the final draft of my next novel, The Orphans of the Creek, it’s time to explore the different options to bring it into the cruel and unusual world of publishing. Today we’ll take a look at traditional publishing in what I call the Age of Independence.

Most people I know like holding actual books in their hands as opposed to reading one on a little screen. And as authors, that same gratification extends to signing your book at in-store events and book festivals. It’s kind of hard to sign an eBook.

And if you can get a traditional publisher to invest and promote your work, even better. No cash layout on the author’s part, no tangible risks, plus your book is almost guaranteed to be on retail bookshelves everywhere.

Sound like a dream? For many authors, it is. In the shrinking world of publishing, those precious publishing deals aren’t often handed out to the talented unknown but rather to tried-and-tested authors or current celebrities. And really, who can blame the publishers? It’s a business that requires a return on their investment.

If you’re lucky enough to secure an agent your chances of landing a publishing deal are greatly improved. But it’s still a long shot for the relative unknown. Good agents know that. Should you still despair? Not at all! Do your research and send out those query letters. Get ready for rejections but persevere. The gratification won’t be instant but in the end may be well worth it.

What’s that? Don’t have the patience? Don’t want to take on the odds? Well, fortunately for you we live in the Age of Independence. You’ll want to read the next two parts on this blog series, where we look at Self-Publishing and ePublishing, two very related options but worth discussing separately.

If you’re a writer, write. And if you’re a reader, keep reading. We need you!

Richard Todd is an author, blogger, and Social Media guy. Plus a few other things that get lost in the clutter. Visit him online at


Author: Richard S. Todd

Pro copywriter. Expressive voice artist. Award-winning public speaker.

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