New Blog Series Coming Up! Also…Vote for Raincloud!

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be starting new blog series soon called “Introducing…”, spotlighting indie authors, their craft, their struggles and achievements and, of course, their adventures in Social Media. I have five authors lined up so stay tuned! Better yet, bookmark or subscribe to this page!

Also, please go to and vote for my novel Raincloud. You could help put it onto the Barnes & Noble Top 20 list and make this author a happy man.

Until next time, I remain

Literally Yours,


Me and RaincloudRichard S. Todd is the author of the critically-praised Raincloud: A Novel and holds talks on the self-publishing experience. He spends his time blogging and working on his next novel, The Orphans of the Creek.

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Author: Richard S. Todd

Pro copywriter. Expressive voice artist. Award-winning public speaker.

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