Discussions on Social Media in Free Podcast Form

Social media’s great, isn’t it? Forget the cost of newspaper ads which few people really pay attention to. With social media, you can not only reach a targeted database of prospects but you can also personalize your message.

Click here for a free podcast of Philip Davis (Authors on the Net) and I discussing the publishing industry and how social media is helping authors get their books in front of potential readers.

Also, click here for another free podcast of Philip and I discussing my novel Raincloud.

Enjoy and feel free to get back to me with any comments on the podcasts.

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Me and RaincloudRichard S. Todd is the author of the critically-praised Raincloud: A Novel and holds talks on the self-publishing experience. He spends his time blogging and working on his next novel, The Orphans of the Creek.

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Author: Richard S. Todd

Pro copywriter. Expressive voice artist. Award-winning public speaker.

5 thoughts on “Discussions on Social Media in Free Podcast Form”

  1. Social media has come a long way but it has been abused by marketeers. When I log on Twitter all I see is desperate tweets promoting the products nothing wrong in that but there has to be a fine line on what constitutes a meaningful message and marketing propaganda.

  2. Thanks for your note. Now that Twitter is hot there has certainly been an increase in tweets that spread a message but carry no meaning for me. When people post Tweets they need to think about generating appeal and excitement, not just broadcasting a straight sales pitch.

  3. Hi,just read an interview about Raincloud and followed the link to your webpage. I noticed that the link to the wordpress.com blog at the bottom of your webpage doesn’t work because there’s an added /com in the url. Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out.

  4. Yes, I’m working on two novels, psychological thrillers. More on them and various other creative subjects on my blog. At the moment, I’m reading up a lot on self-publishing and online opportunities, as it seems really difficult getting published in the UK.

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