A Letter from Chief Morning Sun to Hank Gillespie

Dated July 15, 2007.

Hello Hank.

You must be surprised to hear from me like this. I was surprised too when Brad [Burrell] told me that you are living in an ashram near Livermore.  At first I didn’t know what to think, but considering the otherworldly experience you had with Black Feather, well, you saw for yourself that there is more to existence than what most realize.  Brad gave me your address. Hope you don’t mind.

Things are good up here. The casino is doing well. The tribe has settled and the people are happy. Black Feather is as crusty as ever! He too was surprised but pleased about the ashram. He still thinks of you as a son, Hank. He was afraid at first; you know what happened to his family. It’s hard to get that close again.

I myself am fine but, well, I’ve been having nightmares lately. Last night’s was the worst: I’m sinking in black water. The fish are nibbling at my skin. They’re horrible, ugly, like the ones at the bottom of the ocean. I can feel them swimming through my hair. And Jimmy [Raincloud] is there but the fish have already been at him. I can’t even describe…his eyes are gone. A fish is staring at me from inside his mouth. I remember when you were having nightmares in Scanlon Creek, and the struggle you went through before we found that they were actually visions. If the same holds true for me, then what could these dreams be foretelling?

I’m so scared, Hank.  But I’m doing my best to be strong for the Ahoappa. They can’t ask for anything more, can they?

If only I could join you at that ashram. I hope you’re finding peace.



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